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NuORDER by Lightspeed is a complete wholesale order management platform. Sell to department stores, chains, specialty and off-price retailers.

Upgrade to the full platform and we’ll waive our standard implementation fee ($7,500+ value). Plus, learn more about our flexible payment terms.

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Upgrade to our full wholesale commerce platform to experience everything NuORDER has to offer—with no restrictions.

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*Use of free subscription tools and features are limited to select brands selling to our Exclusive Retail Network: Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Bay, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and David Jones.

Act now and we’ll waive our standard implementation fee. Plus, make the move to NuORDER cost effective with our flexible payment terms.

Reasons to make the switch

Major time savings

Automatically sync up-to-date product, inventory and pricing data into the platform. 

Reduce time spent on admin ahead of market appointments by over 75%

Personalized selling at scale

Create and send personalized linesheets straight to a buyer’s inbox. View orders submitted, open rates, click-through rates and more, to see what’s working and find new upsell opportunities.

24/7 online ordering

Capture orders around the clock with a fully branded wholesale website. Plus, real-time visibility into pre-book and ATS inventory, means you’ll never miss out on a sale again.

Powerful integrations

Our platform supports API & FTP integrations with over 100 industry-leading ERP, PLM, PIM, and accounting systems to streamline the way your team and business already work.

Actionable insights

Keep track of how your business is performing in real-time. Analyze total bookings on demand, review best sellers, and identify missed sales opportunities with our built-in reporting.

Mobile & iPad app

Get complete on-the-go functionality through a native mobile app that allows you to access your wholesale portal and real-time inventory anywhere, anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NuORDER’s exclusive Retailer Partnership Program provides some of the most prestigious department stores in the world with a collaborative assortment planning platform to digitize their buying process and merchandising approach.

NuORDER’s platform enables brands and buyers to effectively collaborate and curate the assortment, resulting in a more empowered and efficient market process for both the retailers and their brand partners.

It does this by giving buyers one place to shop all in-season and upcoming collections, access real-time product data, and visually plan assortments to drive full-price sell-through. 

NuORDER’s exclusive Retail Partnership Program includes:

  • Nordstrom
  • Macy’s
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • The Bay
  • David Jones
  • more coming soon…

Brands accessing NuORDER for free through our exclusive Retailer Partnership program enjoy a limited version of the NuORDER platform to collaborate only with NuORDER’s exclusive major retail network. 

When you upgrade to a full subscription with NuORDER, you can manage your entire wholesale business on one platform, streamlining your processes while unlocking additional valuable features to drive sales to not only department stores, chains, specialty and off-price retailers but also to independent retailersBy upgrading to a paid subscription, you’ll unlock:

  • Personalized Pro-Active Selling Tools
  • 24/7 Online Ordering
  • Mobile App 
  • Full Integration Resulting in Major Time Savings
  • Reporting & Insights

To learn more about upgrading to a full NuORDER subscription, please fill out the form above.

More than 120 different systems have been integrated with NuORDER to date, for over 1000 brands. Most integrations are with a brand’s ERP system, but you can also integrate other systems like inventory management, 3PL, PLM, CRM, and accounting platforms.  Some projects can be handled entirely by NuORDER’s in-house Integrations Team, while others require engagement from your ERP, your own in-house developer, or a third party resource.

We’re confident that you’ll be able to integrate NuORDER with whatever system(s) you’re using, and we’re happy to assist in your evaluation process by answering any specific questions you may have.  You can learn more here.

Likely, yes, we can save you time by enhancing your existing NuORDER access and configuring it so that you can use the platform for all of your retailers.  NuORDER offers hands-on resources during the onboarding process to help get you set up, and our team will work with you to determine the right approach to uploading the correct product information into the system.

NuORDER offers a number of different paid subscription packages, allowing us to meet the needs for brands of all sizes.  

The costs for a NuORDER subscription are a reflection of both the software and the services provided, as well as any one-time fees for implementation.  Note that we have a Special Offer for brands participating in NuORDER’s exclusive Retail Partnership Program, and we will waive all one-time implement fees, as well as provide flexible payment terms.  

To get an accurate quote for your business, please fill out the form above and a representative will be in touch to learn more about your business’ specific needs. Based on that conversation, we will provide you the appropriate cost. We look forward to hearing from you!