Assortments for retailers

The enterprise-grade buying platform

Create assortments, optimize inventory allocation and make better buying decisions—all in one collaborative environment.

Catch duplicate buys and fill merchandising gaps before they happen

Manual processes and disconnected systems lead to cumbersome and error-prone assortment planning. NuORDER Assortments empowers teams to work together in an online, collaborative environment where they can visualize, merchandise, and plan assortments across multiple brands and stores.

Department Stores + Chain Stores + Online Retailers

View all brands in one standardized catalog

Buyers can preview collections ahead of market, make selections, and efficiently configure their buys with enriched brand data and tooling.

Reduce time spent writing orders by more than 50%

Optimize range plans across all departments and stores

Roll-up and visualize the entire buy across all brands. Drill down, pivot, and review plans by any data point including by store, delivery window, classification and category. Easily search for products to fill any merchandising gaps.

Collaborate with teammates in a live environment

Work with your team or alongside brands in shared assortments, where changes are reflected in real-time. Eliminating unnecessary back and forth and reducing the chance of errors. All while, maintaining complete control over who has view or edit access.

Spend 50% less time fixing errors

Make data-driven decisions

Roll-up and compare assortments against key financial targets to see where you are over and under bought.

Streamline inventory allocation

Avoid stock-outs and mitigate inventory glut. Use pre-set size curves and bulk distribution to more accurately allocate inventory across stores.

Reduce time spent on sizing by more than 40%

Cross-functional benefits

Our platform isn’t just designed to free your buyers from Excel and enable your business to build better performing range plans. It will benefit teams across your entire organization.


Use hashtags to align on key trends with the merchandising team and keep track of relevant products for upcoming campaigns and promotional materials.


Get items set up on your eCommerce website and POS system faster by syncing accurate, real-time, and standardized product data from NuORDER.

IT & Operations

Whether the brand is a NuORDER customer or not, our team prepares and maps their product catalog prior to market, at no cost to the brand.


Senior leaders can financially and visually review the entire range plan to ensure the business is delivering the best assortment for the customer that will drive sales and margin growth.

Import Operations

Import teams can extract key pieces of data, such as import codes and fabrications, to speed up the customs process resulting in items getting to the selling floor faster.


Create store-specific merchandising plans based on top investment items to ensure the right products are leveraged in window and in-store displays to drive full price sales.

The retail landscape is shifting. Discover how to nail customer demand with innovative merchandising.

Create better assortments

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