Welcome to our exclusive retail network

The world’s leading department stores use NuORDER by Lightspeed to visualize their assortments and complete orders.

About the program

In 2018, we built the industry’s first visual assortment planning platform to digitize the buying and merchandising process. NuORDER Assortments supports brand and buyers in the shared goal of driving greater full-price sell-through, closer collaboration and a more streamlined buying approach.

Since launching our retail program, we have onboarded over 3,000 brands and supported thousands of market appointments.

How does this technology benefit you?

If you work with one of our exclusive retail partners, you get complimentary access to NuORDER’s wholesale commerce platform. This includes digital sales tools that will enable you to streamline market appointments and digitize the sell-in process.

Visually-rich custom linesheets and catalogs

Share your collection using shoppable digital linesheets. Organize them by season, month and category to drive more effective market appointments.

Collaborate with buyers to optimize range plans

Work directly with buyers to fill merchandising gaps and make suggestions as they seek to optimize their assortments post-market.

Seamless product data uploads

Upload the latest product data directly into the platform. Eliminating unnecessary back and forth and increasing order writing accuracy.

Streamlined onboarding process

Getting set up is easy! NuORDER will provide services and support to ensure your long-term success as a valued brand partner (at no charge). Here is what to expect:

⚡️ How to get started ⚡️ If you work with any of our exclusive retail partners, please reach out to your buyer. They will complete the proper steps to kick off your onboarding process. 

About us

NuORDER by Lightspeed is the B2B platform built for faster, smarter, and more collaborative wholesale. We offer a full suite of commerce solutions for every business need.

Wholesale buying

The one-stop shop for buyers to discover new brands and place orders with their existing wholesale suppliers.

B2B selling

The complete wholesale order management solution. Sell to department stores, chains, specialty and off-price retailers.

Assortment planning

The modern range planning platform that helps retailers reduce markdowns and increase profit margins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since launching we have grown our network to include: Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Bay, Bloomingdales, Macy’s and David Jones.

NuORDER will provide services to successfully onboard you at no charge. This includes onboarding and training on how to upload product data and images, create line sheets and collaborate with your buyers in NuORDER. If desired, integration services can be provided for an additional fee.

As part of the onboarding process, NuORDER will assess whether the same format you use to send your product data and image files to your existing partner can be imported into NuORDER and work with you to map the format to the required fields in NuORDER.

Buyers will use NuORDER to visually select products,curate assortments across all of their locations, and complete orders. On NuORDER, they have the ability to slice and dice by any data point to capitalize on whitespace, avoid missed opportunities and minimize duplication. The buyers will be able to view and shop linesheets, upload product images, take notes, and receive all product information necessary to assort their buys. 

NuORDER suggests starting the onboarding process within 2 weeks of being contacted to begin, and allowing a minimum of 4 weeks before your next scheduled market appointment to get your team comfortable and confident using the platform.

Yes, NuORDER has integrated with over 100+ systems. Vendors that choose to integrate their platform benefit from a real-time data exchange that automatically syncs up-to-date product, inventory, shipping, and order updates. There is a fee for this additional service.  For more information on NuORDER integrations, please Contact Us