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Create an interactive experience for buyers to explore and shop products you can almost touch.

Create an interactive experience for buyers to explore and shop products you can almost touch.

Covered from all angles

Add 3D to your digital linesheets today to offer a new way for buyers to view your latest product drops and seasonal collections.

Dealing with supply chain setbacks?

Eliminate your reliance on physical samples and improve the go-to-market process with lifelike 3D product renderings.


Design Ease & Flexibility

Explore product variations before going to production and cut down on physical samples in the process.


Quicker Production Times

Speed up the design to manufacturing timeframe from months down to weeks or even days.

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Unite B2B & DTC

Replace static product images with interactive 3D models that can be used on your DTC website, as well.

A better B2B experience

Get everything you need to streamline internal operations, build stronger retail relationships, and grow your wholesale business, all in one platform.

Online Shopping

B2B Online Store

Sell online and in-person with digital linesheets and interactive virtual showrooms. Capture orders while you sleep with 24/7 online ordering.

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Personalized Selling

Set user-specific pricing, discounts and product selections for a more personalized buying experience.

Order Management

CRM & Order Management

Manage customer contact info, process orders, and keep track of inventory—all in one place.

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Built-in Reporting

Identify sales trends and analyze how your business is performing with real-time reporting and dashboards.


Stand out from the competition with the latest virtual showroom and 3D technology on the B2B eCommerce platform trusted by over 3,000 brands and 500,000 retailers worldwide.

starting at

$600 USD/mo.

Plans vary based on the size and scale of your wholesale business.

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3D visuals are just the tip of the iceberg. From design to production and sales, book a free consultation with one of our wholesale experts to learn how NuORDER can help you grow your business—no commitment required.