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Plan, write, visualize, and roll-up complex buys across multiple brands in one collaborative environment.

Plan, write, visualize, and roll-up complex buys across multiple brands in one collaborative environment.

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Multi-Brand Merchants + Brick & Mortar + Chain Stores + Department Stores + Online Retailers

Bring the art back to buying

Empower your buyers to become the source of your competitive differentiation with NuORDER Assortments. The visual buying platform that helps you streamline your buying process, get your products online faster, and present more compelling assortments to your customers.

Let your buyers buy

Buyers can preview collections ahead of market, make selections, and efficiently configure their buys with enriched brand data and tooling that will reduce time spent writing orders by more than 60%.

See what you're buying

Visualize and roll-up all planned buys across brands and drill down by any data point including by store, delivery, classification, and category to identify merchandising gaps.

Work smarter, not harder

Share assortments both internally and alongside brands in one collaborative space with real-time updates that reduce errors and minimize back-and-forth conversations.

Cross-functional benefits

Our platform isn’t just designed to free your buyers from Excel and enable your business to more effectively curate assortments. It will benefit teams across your entire organization. 

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Use hashtags to align on key trends with the merchandising team and keep track of relevant products for upcoming campaigns and promotional materials.

Online Shopping


Get items set up on your eCommerce website and POS system faster by syncing accurate, real-time, and standardized product data from NuORDER.
Operations & IT

Operations & IT

Whether the brand is a NuORDER customer or not, our team prepares and maps their product catalog prior to market, at no cost to the brand.

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How we transformed retail buying

Co-CEO Heath Wells discusses how NuORDER Assortments can solve some of the biggest challenges retailers face in wholesale buying at The Global Department Store Summit (GDSS) in Seattle, WA on June 9, 2022.

See his full speaking session: Transforming Retail Buying, Item Setup & Attribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Enterprise Buying Solution is best suited for large retailers who buy from a multitude of brands. If you are interested in signing up and exploring our marketplace, you can find more information here

It does not cost brands anything to share data through NuORDER for your buying needs.

Our team is responsible for onboarding the brand, which means a NuORDER page will be created for each of your brands and it is our responsibility to ensure the brand’s product and catalog data is loaded and ready ahead of any appointment you have with the brand.

Rather than view assortments by store, you can write orders by distribution centers.  Besides that, all the benefits of our solution are the same.

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Our Enterprise Solution is an exclusive, customized product that is billed as a service for large, multi-brand retailers. Fill out the form below to connect with someone on our team to learn more.

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