Track Real-Time Buyer Opens, Clicks & Orders

Track Real-Time Buyer Opens, Clicks, and Orders


With Campaigns, NuORDER is the only B2B eCommerce platform that gives you the ability to monitor the success of linesheets in real-time. Empower reps to act on live buyer interest and feedback to drive sales through insights on linesheet activity.

nuorder campaign tracking

Data is your secret weapon

Campaigns allow you to track and measure which buyers open, click, and order from your emails. Understand which buyers are engaging and what is driving conversions. Create new sales opportunities and see instant ROI on every message.

Learn what works for you

Campaigns give you the ability to easily create two different linesheets and directly compare the revenue they generate. See which of your products buyers are interested in, and what reps can push more.

Targeted assortments to maximize sales

Create Custom emails and linesheets with personalized recommendations to target buyers with curated content specific to their needs.

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