Discover New Brands and Retailers 24/7/365 with NuORDER’s Online Trade Show

Trade show season is just weeks away, and brands and retailers are strategizing how to generate the greatest impact at 2018 shows. We all know trade shows are hectic, and it seems nearly impossible to accomplish all of the goals you set out to in the short amount of time you’re there. Booth visits feel like speed dating, and developing valuable relationships with new brands or retailers is often hit or miss. However, the connections that you are able to make are often times the strongest and longest business partnerships in your roster.

Trade shows are critical to the wholesale buying process. Physical trade shows provide brands and buyers the face time they need to discover new opportunities, touch and feel products, and plan pre-season orders. As the retail landscape evolves, however, and retail buyers shift more budget from pre-season to in-season purchasing, brands and retailers need to a way to connect and transact throughout the entire year. Physical trade shows alone are not substantial or frequent enough to maintain this new movement.

To enhance and prolong the trade show experience, NuORDER is excited to announce our newest feature, Online Trade Show. The Online Trade Show creates a 24/7/365 opportunity for brands and buyers to connect and conduct business, allowing both to meet the demands of their “always on” customers. A digital paradigm to physical trade shows, this add-on to the NuORDER suite enables brands and wholesale buyers to build relationships beyond the walls of a physical trade show.

The Online Trade Show includes features designed to empower brands to gain new business and strengthen buyer relationships seamlessly, including:

  • Brand discovery: Allows buyers to browse brands with ease by searching by category, similar brands, tags and high-resolution logos.
  • Unique profiles: Arms brands with multiple ways to tell their story through customizable visuals and assets, including hero images, digital line sheets or catalogs, Instagram feeds and downloadable assets, such as a credit application and PDFs of look books.
  • Preview mode: Brands curate custom portals for buyers, allowing them to browse top products while hiding competitive information, such as wholesale pricing.
  • Mobile friendly: The platform is optimized to be accessed on the go from any mobile web browser.

With more than 800 of the world’s premiere brands and 300,000 retail stores in our marketplace, we are excited to provide a digital solution to help brands and retailers discover new business and make valuable connections that last. The platform is available as both a complement to physical tradeshows, like Agenda, as well as a year-round community for all brands and wholesale buyers.

The Online Trade Show is set to launch in early 2018. To learn more, contact your sales rep or request marketplace access here.