Assortments for brands

The visual merchandising tool

Upgrade your assortment planning with a collaborative, time-saving solution designed for brands with 10+ stores.

Deliver curated assortments that increase profit margins

Empower teams to work together in an online, collaborative environment where they can visualize, merchandise, and plan assortments across multiple stores to deliver the right product at the right time in the right place.

Conduct visual style-outs with increased visibility

Give your team the power to review merchandising plans across department, category, and season to identify gaps and prevent duplication.

Automate and streamline pre-season planning

Stop wasting valuable time fixing errors and doing manual data entry. Robust ERP and backend integrations mean your assortments will always reflect the most up-to-date product data and imagery.

Localize assortments by store and region

Customize your assortments based on individual store needs. Easily sort and apply filters to pick the right product mix by location.

Allocate and distribute inventory with accuracy

Avoid stock-outs and mitigate inventory glut. Use pre-set size curves and bulk distribution to more accurately allocate inventory across stores.

Collaborate with teammates in a live environment

Work with your team in shared assortments where changes are reflected in real-time. Eliminate unnecessary back and forth and reduce the chance of errors.

See the results

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โ€œImplementing NuORDER Assortments meant more accurate roll ups and a clear process to write smarter buys. We now get an immediate visual of the assortment, thus making it much easier to analyze and review. The tool has improved collaboration between the merchandising and planning teams, they are now able to analyze and pull live data throughout the writing process. The tool has replaced all manual processes and has become essential to our buying process.โ€
Stephanie GIn, director of buying

Simplify your pre-season planning process

Eliminate time-consuming, manual data entry and reduce errors

View the latest product data and images in one place
Roll-up and compare assortments against key business metrics

Slice-and-dice data by any product attribute to make more informed decisions

Compare planned spend against budgets to see where you are over and under invested

Optimize inventory allocation using bulk distribution and pre-set size curves

The retail landscape is shifting. Discover how to nail customer demand with innovative merchandising.

built for brands with 10+ stores

Save time and money with Assortments

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