introducing our new

Retail Assortments Solution

Access your brand’s digital catalogs and linesheets, select products, configure orders, and visualize assortments — all in one collaborative environment.
our exclusive retail partners
Our exclusive retail partners
for multi-brand retailers

Transform Your Buying Process

Your customers shop online, your brands sell digitally, and yet your buyers are still assorting manually. NuORDER is changing this unfortunate reality with its new Retail Assortments solution.

Select Products

Access your brand’s product catalogs and linesheets and begin building your assortments.

Configure Orders

Assortments can be configured in a few clicks.

Visualize Assortments

View your assortments in totality, or narrow into one brand, one category, or one store.

Collaborate with Vendors

Work alongside members of your team or share the assortment back with the brand and collaborate in real-time
buying transformation

Game-Changing Benefits

Whether your buyers are engaged in market appointments, writing orders, or preparing for leadership reviews and style outs, Assortments will eliminate mundane data wrangling and routine manual tasks from day-to-day tasks.

“Using NuORDER has 100% streamlined our buying process. We can see a full assortment and season in one platform. And we can sort in many different ways whether by class, month, brand. All of our item intent is in one place, making it easy to review with our team.”
Nordstrom Buyer

Become a Retail Partner

If you agree to partner with NuORDER and implement our Assortments solution, all of your brands will receive access to NuORDER at No Cost.

Whether your brands use NuORDER or JOOR, or send Excel and PDF order forms, we take a white-glove approach to onboarding them to our platform to ensure your buying team can view their product catalogs and linesheets both pre- and post- market.

To learn more about our partnership model and see a demo of our Assortments solution, fill out the form below to get the conversation started.