NuORDER Announces the NuORDER 4.0 Mobile App

Real time ordering, anywhere, anytime for wholesale buyers and brands to meet consumers’ demands”

Los Angeles, Calif. — Sept. 26, 2017

NuORDER, the leading B2B eCommerce platform, today announced the NuORDER 4.0 iOS app for both buyers and brands.

The app will be available on all iOS-enabled devices to give wholesale brands and retail buyers access to selling and buying on mobile devices. NuORDER’s B2B eCommerce platform dramatically improves the experience of buying and selling through wholesale channels, and this new iOS app brings that experience to mobile.

Retailers are moving from seasonal to real-time and dynamic buying models to meet the speed of consumer demand. In order to keep pace, buyers and brands need constant access to instant sales and ordering tools, whether they are at a tradeshow, in a store or at a warehouse. According to a Forrester report, “Seasonal planning manages the financial risk of one massive buy — a periodic high-stakes gamble — based on the insight and intuition of buyers. But today’s eCommerce marketer needs a plan that continuously adjusts to patterns of sales and customer engagement.”

“Consumers today live in an on-demand world where goods and services are available nearly instantaneously and at their fingertips on mobile devices,” said Eric Pannese, Chief Product Officer, NuORDER. “Professionals now expect the same speed in the workplace. The NuORDER 4.0 iOS app will provide retail buyers and wholesale brands with on-the-go ordering access that further supports the move from large-batch seasonal ordering to strategic real-time ordering.”

Key features available on NuORDER 4.0 iOS app include:

  • Complete on-the-go functionality for brands, such as reviewing and approving buyer-submitted orders, submitting and editing orders on any device, and full access to the Campaign Suite and Reporting Suite.
  • Access for buyers – in addition to brands – to browse products, check inventory, place orders and review the status of orders.
  • Barcode scanning directly from mobile device cameras in addition to external Bluetooth scanners. The barcode scanner feature will allow buyers and retailers to easily order product at a tradeshow or reorder inventory in their store. Buyers just scan the barcodes of the items they want and add those items directly into their shopping cart.
  • Two-way sync between mobile and desktop to ensure that orders are captured, no matter what device is used.
  • New user experience design and user interface from ground up for iPhones and iPads, centered on touch and swipe to make workflow faster than the web.

“I was immediately impressed with how intuitive the NuORDER mobile app is,” said Ed Reilly, Manager, Global Sales Force Applications, KEEN Footwear. “Our KEEN Footwear reps will be able to stay connected to the office while they’re on the go and the barcode scanner will allow them to save time and paperwork by processing orders during the shows instead of entering them at the end of the day.”

The NuORDER 4.0 iOS app will be available in Q4 2017 in the Apple App store for iOS version 11 or later on iPhones and iPads. Mobile app demos will be available at the NuORDER booth #951 at, in Los Angeles, September 26-27, 2017. To learn more about NuORDER, please visit:

Research Report Source: Forrester Research, Retail Moves From Seasonal To Continuous Planning, October 13, 2016.


NuORDER has been dedicated to helping businesses increase their B2B sales since 2011 and currently empowers B2B eCommerce sites for over 800 vendors and 300,000 buyers. NuORDER provides sales teams and buyers one central place to browse products and catalogs, access up-to-the minute sales and inventory data, and place orders from their computer or our mobile app – 24/7/365. NuORDER is flexible and scalable, with a rich feature suite to support any business – regardless of whether you’re selling designer jeans, consumer electronics or beauty products. Visit us at for more information.

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