Why Mobile Should Be a Core Element of Your B2B Strategy

Why Mobile Should Be a Core Element of Your B2B Strategy

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives, making numerous tasks faster and easier. Smartphones give us instant access to information, online shopping, and allow us to engage with our friends and families. Mobile offers these same benefits to brand sales teams, enabling them to increase productivity and revenue.

Here are three key ways to incorporate mobile into your B2B Sales Channel:

1. Mobile Selling

B2B mobile applications provide significant advantages to sales reps during store visits and roadshows. The key to success during these visits are speed and personalization, as buyers are busy and won’t give you endless time. You need to be prepared to show them the products they’ll care about most.

Paper catalogs are slow and frustrating, forcing reps to endlessly flip through pages to find them items they want to present. They consume precious time and can lead to items being missed and put bad tastes in buyers’ mouths.

A digital catalog within a mobile app makes it easy to quickly find and showcase the most relevant products to your buyers. You can even create custom catalogs or linesheets for your buyers in advance of the meeting. Plus, unlike printed catalogs which have just one or two images per product, a mobile-powered digital catalog allows for robust merchandising with multiple, high resolution product shots and videos. With a mobile app, you sell more in less time. BedSTU reduced meeting times by 33% with a mobile application, allowing for more appointments per reps each day.

2. Trade Shows

Similar to roadshow appointments, buyer meetings at trade shows are all about speed and efficiency. In addition to all the benefits mobile provides during store visits and roadshows, they also enable you to use barcode scanners at trade shows. By using a Bluetooth barcode scanner connected with a B2B mobile application, reps simply scan product barcodes while the application assembles the products into a custom linesheet. The barcode scanning tool is even more powerful in the buyer’s hand, as they inherently add more items to their orders when they drive the process.

3. Inventory & Order Entry

Traditionally, reps write orders in-store and wait for access to a scanner or fax machine to forward them to the office for processing. They may find out hours, or even days later that products are out of stock, already committed to other buyers, or are otherwise not available, and must return to the buyer with bad news.

A mobile application enables reps get live ATS inventory levels, and to directly enter orders into the system. Not only is this process significantly faster, but it also ensures that is able to receive what they order. Mobile applications also reduce 99% of manual order entry errors, saving money and increasing buyer satisfaction.
Now’s the time to bring the benefits of mobile to your sales team. Make them faster, smarter and much more efficient. To learn more about how NuORDER’s mobile capabilities can help you generate more revenue, request a demo.