How to print barcodes

Beyond Scanning: How NuORDER Users Create Barcode Labels for Products

Your product samples are here! You should enjoy this moment like a kid on Christmas morning, without dreading hours of handwriting product tags. NuORDER users are now quickly creating their own barcode tags, sticking them on their product samples and moving on with their busy lives. See how this is done, as well as a quick tutorial on how to pair your barcode scanners and iPads. Read More


Inventory Management – Production Forecasting Best Practices Part 2

You've formulated a demand forecast you're comfortable with. Now, it’s time to plan how you will meet this anticipated demand. We consulted with an eclectic group of field experts to bring you advice from the trenches. Learn about meeting minimums and ship dates, as well as when to over order. Read and know how to provide buyers with the product they need — when they need it — without getting stuck with excess inventory. Read More

How to Sell End-of-Year Excess Inventory

When the ball dropped and the champagne popped, were you ringing in 2016 with a clear mind and a clean ATS (available to sell)? Or were you wringing your hands, thinking of what to do with your excess 2015 inventory? Read on for tips to sell off your remaining ATS, including how to use several of NuORDER’s new releases to ring the final bell on your end-of-year excess inventory. Read More

nuorder tradeshow follow up increase roi

Trade Show Life Part 3: How to Increase Sales with Epic Trade-Show Follow-Up

The trade show is over. You’re tired — exhausted, actually. You really don’t want more work to do. So let's look at how we can streamline the trade show follow up process while simultaneously increasing your trade show sales. Your trade show follow up work can be whittled to two categories: current-buyer follow-up and prospect follow-up (leads). Your goal is to upsell your current buyers and to book new orders with your prospects. Read More