A New & Exciting Tradeshow Experience For Brands And Retailers

In recent months the fashion industry has rapidly adopted digital tools that not only supplement communication, but also improve upon the way business is executed. Continuing on this theme of innovation and growth, Informa Markets and NuORDER are joining forces to present a digital tradeshow that enhances currently scheduled physical events in Las Vegas and New York for Fall 2020 including: MAGIC, PROJECT, COTERIE, Children’s Club and MICAM AMERICAS. Read More

How Major Fashion Brands Survived Crises Throughout History

While the novel coronavirus presents a unique set of challenges for the fashion industry, it’s certainly not the first hurdle to come our way. Some of the world’s greatest fashion houses have survived significant disruption over the decades... including the threat of bankruptcy, major world wars, and restrictive sanctions. They all bounced back to return to greatness; in fact, every one of these fashion houses are larger and more successful than before those hard times hit. Read More