Spiritual Gangster partners with NuORDER for B2B eCommerce

Spiritual Gangster Customer Success Story

From a whole-company standpoint,
everyone at NuORDER has been very helpful and
seems to really care about their customers.”

About the company

Vanessa Lee and Ian Lopatin founded Spiritual Gangster in 2010. An edgy line of yoga-inspired clothing, Spiritual Gangster is dedicated to having a positive social impact, vowing to feed someone in need with every product purchased

Problem: The traditional ordering process is inefficient and prone to errors
Solution: Implementing NuORDER for PO uniformity Traditionally, buyers enter PO data line by line and then upload it in their own format, resulting in high rates of error and a time-consuming order-fulfillment process. Spiritual Gangster has significantly increased their PO efficiency since utilizing NuORDER, stating that the “plain and simple fact is NuORDER’s platform makes everything uniform, instead of 400 or 500 yoga studios all uploading their own version of a PO.”

Problem: Printing catalogs is costly
Solution: Using NuORDER’s platform as a digital catalog Going digital with NuORDER has allowed Spiritual Gangster to decrease their tradeshow catalog print runs from 1,000 to 100, lowering costs by 90%.

Problem: Keeping track of orders
Solution: Accurate customer order data & history Spiritual Gangster is now able to gather and utilize data, which they are excited about: “It’s phenomenal for us to go back and track orders. We now have a digital imprint to draw upon.”

Problem: Maintaining order through a period of accelerated expansion Solution: NuORDER’s platform helps facilitate growth Spiritual Gangster is currently experiencing a period of rapid expansion, which they feel NuORDER has helped facilitate, stating: “We have grown exponentially in so many ways since implementing the platform.”

Problem: Quickly creating and sending linesheets
Solution: NuORDER expedites the linesheet process
The boost in efficiency from streamlining the entire sales process has empowered reps to increase their revenue. Spiritual Gangster says their reps can now create and send linesheets within minutes, stating: “If you do the sales process in the traditional way, you can lose out on sales.

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