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This eBook will help you understand what NuORDER is and how sales reps can use our tools throughout the selling season to forge a deeper connection with each of your buyers and increase your sales.

Using NuORDER effectively will help you:

  • Double productivity
  • Turn more meetings into dollars
  • Capture more budget during appointments
  • Process complex orders

Over 1,200 brands rely on NuORDER to conduct B2B eCommerce and transact $25 Billion in wholesale GMV annually. It is our priority to ensure that each and every brand is getting the most out of our platform.

Here's a preview of what we cover in this guide:

The NuORDER Toolbox

In-depth review of NuORDER's robust sales toolset

Introduction to NuORDER

Overview of our specialized solution to proactive selling

How to use NuORDER to Drive and Increase Wholesale Revenue:

Pre-Market: Preparing to maximize sales opportunities

Market: Generating sales and capturing demand

In-Season: Driving reorders and selling what you own

Post-Season: Analyzing performance to prep for next season

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