Buyers and Consumers: Developing and Cultivating
Brand Loyalty for Real Humans

With that in mind, let’s quickly review some simple logic:

What are consumers?


What are buyers?

Also humans.

Thus, we can safely deduce that buyers develop brand loyalty,
just as consumers do. They (we) are all human, after all.


But there is one important difference: the average buyer has
far more purchasing power than the average consumer.


The next logical step is to figure out how to cultivate buyer loyalty.
 Here are a few tips:


Develop meaningful
with “buying centers”
– those humans comprising
the decision-making team.


Keep in contact
with buying centers
to ensure they are aware of
your products and
how they can help them
make money.


Offer valuable knowledge
—the kind that will make them money.
Position yourself as an information
source for what is trending in
your industry. This builds trust,
and trust builds loyalty.

When it comes to the wholesaler–to-buyer relationship
(just as in the buyer-to-consumer relationship), loyalty makes you money.

Humans need money.

And, we’re all human, after all.