NuORDER iPad App Updated with Barcode Scanning Feature

Users can now immediately scan items to visual orders and proposals”

Los Angeles, Calif. — May 13 , 2015

NuORDER, the #1 B2B eCommerce Platform, is excited to announce the release of its newest feature: barcode scanning.

Barcode scanning will enable NuORDER users to scan products instantly to visual orders, quotes and custom catalogs.

The feature is packaged with the update of NuORDER’s best-in-class iPad app, which works on and offline.

“We know barcode scanning feature will be highly beneficial to brands, allowing them to service more customers, more efficiently,” said Heath Wells, NuORDER co-founder and CEO. “In the tradeshow and showroom environments, buyers and sellers can s imply scan a barcode, the way a customer does at a checkout counter.”

Barcode scanning captures orders in a fraction of the time, allowing brands to cover more accounts per selling day and to spend valuable face time with buyers more constructively. Items can also be instantly scanned to visual proposals /catalogs for increased upselling.

Additionally, barcode scanning minimizes order-entry error — a common area of revenue loss. Brands without product barcodes can use NuORDER to easily create and print them to labels.

According to Wells, “Initial users have already seen a 3X increase in the number of brands they can service in the sales environment. The ROI on a feature like this makes it a must – have for any wholesaler.”

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