Moleskine partners with NuORDER for B2B e-Commerce

Moleskine Customer Success Story

Having everything in one online portal has been game changing — even old-school, print-catalog buyers are gravitating towards the application. It just makes sense for everyone.”

About Moleskine

Moleskine’s original small, black notebook is the successor to the legendary one used by Van Gogh, Picasso, Hemingway and Chatwin. Today, the Moleskine brand is synonymous with culture, imagination and personal identity — in the real and the digital worlds.

Partnering with NuORDER

Moleskine recently started using NuORDER with great success. They are especially excited about the platform’s ability to serve as an online catalog, expanding their retail base through NuORDER’s marketplace, as well as increasing business with current buyers by sending them catalogs quickly.

Problem: Streamlining sales process
Solution: NuORDER provides an online platform for a visually stunning, interactive catalog experience, something they’ve never had. According to Moleskine, “Having everything in one, online portal has been game changing.” The Moleskine team reports that even their ‘traditional’ buyers are starting to consistently use the app.

Problem: Finding new buyers and having new buyers find them
Solution: NuORDER’s marketplace, with its 100k+ list of buyers, has helped Moleskine with being about to reach out to more buyers and have new buyers (especially in apparel) able to find them. The ability to send buyers catalogs and decks that look beautiful quickly and easily has inspired them to reach out to more apparel retailers. Moleskine is utilizing the marketplace feature to ramp up their account prospecting and is being approached by new retailers. They’ve also reached out to NuORDER’s marketplace team to help bulk up accounts in Seattle.

Problem: Sending buyers images and catalogs quickly
Solution: NuORDER’s drag-and-drop tool: They’ve been sending accounts PowerPoint documents and decks, which is time consuming. Moleskine is now able to put together a deck and send it in a few minutes.

Problem: Growing their business with their current customers
Solution: The iPad app allows them to communicate with existing accounts from within the app, resulting in increased sales from current customers.

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