How to Sell End-of-Year Excess Inventory

End of Year Is Here: Clear Your 2015 ATS – ASAP!


When the ball dropped and the champagne popped, were you ringing in 2016 with a clear mind and a clean ATS (available to sell)?

Or were you wringing your hands, thinking of what to do with your excess 2015 inventory?

In our recent article, How to Increase Holiday Reorders, we offered tips on how to maximize holiday season reorders, including:

  • How to run reports by sales rep to see how each is performing and set up each rep with targets or bonuses
  • Target buyers who have already purchased the products you have ATS by running reports and sending visual linesheets as EZ Order reorder suggestions
  • Promote your offers to your buyers on your NuORDER Splash Page
  • Follow up with timely calls by viewing when a buyer has viewed your email and linesheet
  • Include the promotion in the subject line and state that there is a closing time to the offer

Read on for tips on selling off your remaining ATS, including how to use several of NuORDER’s new releases to ring the final bell on your end-of-year excess inventory.


ATS (Available to Sell) Report

With so much end-of-year emphasis on selling off what you own and clearing out your remaining ATS inventory, we’re excited to announce the release of our ATS Reporting feature.

Now, you can run a report to view your current ATS products and their inventory levels with just one click. Use this feature to quickly promote your ATS to your buyers — whether it’s by offering extended terms, free shipping, buy # / get # free, or by offering straight discounts.

Steps to do this in NuORDER:

  1. Click Reporting in your Admin page
  2. Go to the Product / Inventory Report
  3. Click on ATS — you have the option of including or excluding images (see image below)
  4. Based on the data, view the quantities and decide the promotion you want by product, or offer one promotion for multiple products
  5. If you’re offering a promotion for individual products, go to Product Data & Settings, then to Product Banners, now select Add New Banner in Custom Banners and enter your custom text and pick a banner color
  6. If you’re offering promotions by multiple products, you can do a bulk upload from your product data and assign the product banner you create to all of your excess ATS products
  7. From here, create your linesheets and blast your buyers in one shot with by Bulk Mail! Don’t forget to include a friendly, personalized message


Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 2.13.11 PM


Unsure of the promotion you should offer? Denise Mendez from Urgent Gear / Civil Society reports that what works well for her is to offer better promotions than she did when she was promoting holiday reorders: “I offer a promotion before Christmas. Then, I up the promotion the week after to clear whatever old inventory I might have left over.”

“I offer a promotion before Christmas. Then, I up the promotion the week after to clear whatever old inventory I might have left over.”
– Denise Mendez, Urgent Gear / Civil Society

Order minimums

Is there an item in your ATS report with an inventory number you wish wasn’t so high? You may want to consider setting up a product order minimum.

Consider setting up product order minimums to help clear high-inventory ATS items.

To do this in NuORDER, go to the Order Settings section of your Admin console and set rules for minimum (see image below) and maximum (for your hottest selling items) values on orders.

There are several ways to control the minimum and maximum types, including:

  • Per product
  • Per size
  • Per custom field (such as category)
  • Per order

Each of the above types include two options:

  • By quantity
  • By amount ($ or other currency)

 set minimums


Low inventory visibility

This newly released feature is awesome for creating urgency. When buyers see there’s a limited amount of a product available, they’re more likely to make an immediate purchase.

How to make low inventory counts visible to buyers in NuORDER:

  1. Visit our new Inventory Settings tab
  2. Toggle Allow Buyers to View Inventory Data to Yes
  3. Click inside the Show Low Inventory Counts to Buyers box, and enter the number you want your buyers to see
  4. As always, be sure to Save!


allow buyers to view inventory


Include inventory in your linesheets

You don’t need your buyers to log in to see that a product has a low inventory. You can include your ATS amounts in the linesheets you send out to your buyers in a few quick steps:

  1. Go to Manage Linesheets
  2. Click Create New Linesheet
  3. Choose template: toggle on the Product # and Inventory options
  4. Click Create New Template and toggle on the With Inventory option

Now, your buyers can open an email and see a stellar linesheet complete with images and low inventory numbers. Send it as an EZ Order so your buyers can immediately react to the urgency you’ve created — and you can immediately clear out your end-of-year ATS!


How to sell off the last few pieces of broken size units and pre-pack breaks

Are you sitting on pre-pack product breaks?

Change your products registered as pre-packs to individual products and include them in your end-of-year promotions as individual ATS inventory items.

If you’re a brand using NuORDER and do not have an ERP integration, you can make this change in your NuORDER Product Data by simply updating the Size 1 Column. Brands with an ERP integrated with NuORDER will need to update this information in their ERP.

Next, just follow the steps above and clear out those product breaks!


What’s next?

Sweep the dust off the warehouse floor where your excess inventory formerly sat (and the confetti from the New Year’s celebration).

Happy ATS selling!



See the webinar recording below for more on using NuORDER to sell your excess ATS inventory (you can also email us at