Citizens for Humanity partners with NuORDER for B2B eCommerce

Citizens for Humanity Customer Success Story

NuORDER is amazing.
It’s easy to use on our end and on the consumer end.
It’s straightforward and aesthetically clean and beautiful
— a great tool for us to showcase our product.
We use it as a branding tool, as well.”

About the company

Established in 2003, Citizens of Humanity is renowned in the fashion industry for its pioneering approach to premium denim. With an uncompromising focus on fit, fabric and wash, Citizens of Humanity jeans are the ultimate luxury denim.

Problem: Over 50% of their orders were being entered with mistakes
Solution: Going digital with NuORDER decreased the rate to 10%
Before using NuORDER, Citizens of Humanity reports that over 50% of their orders were being incorrectly entered: “Everything
was on paper and written in different handwriting. We were constantly contacting customers to reconfirm with them. NuORDER helped eliminate that. Our order-error rate has been reduced to 10% since starting with NuORDER.”

Problem: Product forecasting
Solution: Using NuORDER as a production and forecasting tool Citizens of Humanity uses NuORDER to plan production & demand: “The data we pull from NuORDER determines if we keep a style for the line or if we drop it. It serves as a production and forecasting tool for us.”

Problem: Entering orders was complicated and time consuming
Solution: Integrating their ERP with NuORDER “Before integrating with NuORDER, our order-entry system was very complicated. When we integrated our ERP (Vantage Point) with NuORDER, it made the workflow much easier for everyone.”

Problem: Missing upsell opportunities
Solution: NuORDER’s ease and quickness of sending order suggestions Citizens of Humanity reports it’s quick and easy to reach out to accounts with relevant order suggestions. They’ve even experienced upselling without having to do the legwork, stating: “Accounts are now reaching out to us — so many accounts are taking their own initiative to place orders. We’ve experienced a 15% increase in SKUs.”

Problem: Print costs
Solution: Digitizing linesheets/catalogs and lookbooks Since signing up with NuORDER, Citizens of Humanity has decreased their print run by 80% for linesheets and 50% for lookbooks. They are also finding success with the platform in the tradeshow environment: “We use NuORDER to showcase the line at tradeshows and get strong reactions from people saying how cool it is.”

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