Choosing a B2B E-Commerce Platform

If you are ready to make the commitment to move to a B2B e-commerce platform, evaluate whether your B2B e-commerce partner can offer you the following features. Our customers have spoken, and we’ve listened. Below are some features that we’ve implemented into the NuORDER platform in an effort to fullfill our customers needs for doing business in the digital age.

Digital Product Gallery / Product Sheets

By going digital and doing away with printing costs, brands can save money, inaccuracies due to product changes, and time. Buyers can instantly receive PDFs via email or browse hundreds of styles online at any time. Product information – style numbers, sizing, price, delivery dates, inventory etc. – is all stored digitally, so information doesn’t get lost in a paper shuffle at a busy meeting or trade show. Want to send a client a custom product sheet? Now you can – and faster than ever! Our customers are able to create and send custom product sheets in 85% less time.

Custom Sales Experience

B2B e-commerce platforms allow reps to make personalized recommendations in minutes.They can create custom product sheets that are tailored to buyers’ preferences and can easily be shared online or emailed as a PDF. Within 1 click the buyer can also add quantities to create an official order. It improves the quality of any sales presentation and will be instrumental in building retailer relationships.

Ability to Integrate With Your ERP System

Integrating your ERP, PLM, WMS or other systems with a B2B e-commerce platform will change the way your organization manages data from the inside out. System integration ensures accurate ordering and inventory management. In-house teams will function better as a whole when all data becomes centralized. Consider B2B e-commerce platforms that will integrate with your existing systems as needed versus a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Sophisticated Reporting

Going digital eliminates the need to manually create spreadsheets for analyzing sales data. The right B2B e-commerce platform will allow sales managers to pull reports from your online database to drive more strategic sales. Brands will be able to leverage what’s actually selling (or not selling) and eliminate a lot of the guesswork.

Account List Confidentiality

You’ve worked hard to build your account list—you shouldn’t have to hand over those hard earned contacts when you sign on with a B2B e-commerce platform. Our account lists are always 100% confidential and private to your competitors and the public.

Mobile Functionality Including Offline Capable

Sales reps are often on the go, traveling to meetings and trade shows all over the world. Many B2B e-commerce platforms are available on mobile devices, allowing reps to conduct the sales process immediately. This will allow reps to share product notes & capture orders in real time and strengthen your brand’s sales follow through.

Pro tip: There will be times when poor connectivity can limit your experience – in remote locations or at a busy trade show. Find out if your proposed solution can be used offline and then synced when you gain access to Wi-Fi.

B2B Industry Expertise & Account Management

A brand, you undoubtedly benefit from your platform having experience in that vertical. Examine just how much B2B industry experience your team has, on top of a 24/7 customer support team, and an assigned account manager to ensure your B2B e-commerce platform is launched successfully, and maintained appropriately.

Challenge Your Entire Organization to Become Data-Centrice

When your internal teams sync up their data, for example design teams update product changes immediately, they will communicate more effectively.

Working to organize your data for B2B e-commerce integration makes all subsequent processes more efficient.

International Ready & Multi-Warehouse Capable

Expand your business globally. Look for a B2B e-commerce platform that supports international sales with features such as multi-currency and regional assortment. Multi-warehouse inventory management and WIP capable will be vital as well.

Flexible Data

You develop your data structure to best suit your needs. Information such as color names and internal codes are critical to your product details. Finding a system that facilitates a direct transfer of data is important to your businesses data structure. NuORDER helps you through this process by handling various size groupings, complex size atrix’s and various custom fields.

Beautiful Platform & Easy to Use

A beautiful and intuitive platform is an important feature that will attract your buyer to your online B2B portal. Simple admin tools such as drag n drop, excel data upload mapping and image mapping via filename provide an alternative to performing an integration.

Two-Way Marketplace

Some B2B e-commerce systems have a database of retailers. Brands can discover new retailers to sell their brand. Also, retailers can search for new brands and request to see brands lines. Searching retailers by product classification, location and brands stocked will let you find the perfect retailer for you and contact them instantly.