Bollman Hat Company Success Story: Increasing Efficiency with Digital Inventory Management

As one of the world’s largest and oldest headwear distributors, The Bollman Hat Company is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of men’s, women’s, and children’s headwear and accessories. With clients including Bailey, Betmar, Country Gentleman, Eddy Bros., Helen Kaminski, Jacaru, KANGOL, and PANTROPIC headwear, Bollman has become one of the most recognizable companies in its industry.

Today, Bollman distributes products in 77 countries and can be seen on some of the world’s top celebrities including Brad Pitt, Bill Murray, Gwen Stefani, Samuel L. Jackson and Miley Cyrus.

With sales teams located all around the world, Bollman was looking for a way to modernize their B2B wholesale process and streamline up- to-date product information in real-time to each of their reps. With their current pen & paper system in place, sales reps relied on printed catalogs, physical samples and paper orders when meeting with buyers at trade shows or on the road. This traditional form of wholesale caused many challenges for sales reps, including outdated inventory, upsell issues and expensive shipping costs.

“Before NuORDER, they would give us spreadsheets on a weekly basis showing our current inventory by SKU, and it was extremely cumbersome,” said Sherry Lea, an outside sales rep for Bollman. “You would end up writing an order and sending it in without knowing exactly what was in stock and what was on backorder.”

Bollman turned to NuORDER to increase efficiency and give sales reps the insight and tools needed to generate revenue wherever they were located, 24/7/365.

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