[White Paper]: Flipping the Switch to Achieve Digital Maturity

Current events have seen brands and retailers quickly adapt to market changes through a variety of methods. Throughout all these changes, one point has been clearly made: technology is being used to unite us like never before. Alongside this, the wholesale business among many others, has also been impacted significantly in the ways they are and will continue to do business, due to social distancing measures that have given a significant push towards digital solutions for doing business.

In our white paper, Flipping the Digital Switch / Achieving Digital Maturity for Your Wholesale Business,  we go over what it means to be a digitally mature company in this day and age and how to clearly define and improve growth that makes a difference.

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What Does Achieving Digital Maturity Look Like?

First, we take a look at a few measurement scales. We define three segments that pin down where your brand’s digital maturity might stand: novice, advanced, and master.  Understanding where you currently fall in these categories helps identify areas that could use improvement and increase your maturity. For each of these categories, our white paper offers a checklist of items to cross off as you move up, breaking down the process into manageable steps.

Why It Matters

According to Forrester, “70% [of retailer buyers] cite digital at their preferred storefront”, but only “13% rate their typical experience as better than Amazon”. This means that most brands have the opportunity to improve their digital wholesale experience for their buyers while also leaving a lasting impression that counts.

Having a high level of digital maturity means enacting digital solutions that ultimately facilitate better buyer relationships, enhanced selling, and the ability to spend more time on creative work. Automate the busy work, and focus on what really matters for your brand. We cover what these solutions look like and how to choose the best tools to suit your business’ present and future needs.

How to Make It All Happen

If you’re still working with paper for your wholesale business, it’s time to consider how implementing a comprehensive B2B eCommerce solution can vastly streamline your ordering and improve your productivity by enabling features like 24/7 ordering. Calculate the current costs of sticking to analog methods by adding up inventory miscalculations, time spent entering information, and lack of on-demand, self-service ordering to see where your B2B eCommerce solution can help fill in the gaps.


There are a variety of factors to consider when determining, and then improving your wholesale business’ digital maturity. From transitioning to the implementation of a few digital solutions at the lowest maturity level to making investments that place innovation and its resulting growth at the most advanced level, our white paper is filled with what you need to know to make this happen. We’ll give you the information you need to understand the competencies that make up digital maturity, while also assessing and improving yours along the way.

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