[Webinar Recap]: Finding Your Best Practices for Virtual Selling

In our second installment of Wholesale in the time of Coronavirus: Best Practices Series, we go over how your brand can maximize sales in this new landscape by efficiently setting up online appointments, thoughtfully organizing your homepage, and strategically coordinating digital linesheets to fit your meetings. This time we are joined by  NuORDER’s Fashion Director Tommy Fazio, Education Director Chris Dunlap, and Solutions Consultant Jess Chan as they go over best practices for virtually selling from home today.

You can watch the full webinar at this link: Click here

Setting Up Virtual Market Appointments

We go over an overview of video conferencing programs, setting up a B2B wholesale webpage that conveys your brand’s messaging, and preparing your catalog to sync with the order of your presentation with your buyer.

 If you’re wondering what a virtual market appointment looks like in practice, the webinar features a walkthrough to show you how it’s done. Tommy and Jess demonstrate what a potential appointment looks like between a brand and retailer, starting with the homepage all the way up to the order page. Along the way, they’ll give you useful tips like planning to set aside some extra time for your appointments and any technical hiccups that may occur, and utilizing features like Zoom’s Side-by-Side Mode to truly guide buyers through the online buying process. 

What Does Your Homepage Say About You? 

Your homepage’s design and messaging is critical in making a statement to your buyers. We go over a few practices that make your homepage standout, like linking your social media accounts and clearly listing your top 10 pieces for this season. Other options include citing inspiration behind pieces and fabric notes that help explain the relevance of your merchandise to buyers. For more information, we also have a checklist of how to keep your homepage functional and usable on our NuORDER “Best Practices” page available here.

Preparing Your Merchandise Linesheets

Having your linesheets ready-to-go and easy to follow is vital for efficient selling in today’s work-from-home environments. We cover strategies in cleaning up your catalog’s line sheets and arranging line lists to be in the order that you want to sell in, making virtual appointments more effective and easy to follow for buyers. Most importantly, keep your buyer’s intent in mind by curating merchandise that suits both of your needs. 

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