The Latest Installment in the Digital Wholesale Revolution: Introducing NuORDER NOW

NuORDER NOW is our latest complimentary offering to brands looking for a digital solution for their wholesale business. The fashion industry and retail stores are being physically distanced like never before, resulting in significantly modified orders. A push for wholesale digital solutions has been a long time coming, but current events are necessitating this digitization in absolute.

What does this digitization look like? We created NuORDER NOW to help facilitate this transition with agility, giving brands the opportunity to create online catalogs and line sheets, tailored custom catalogs that meet retailer budgets and needs, and 24/7 online access and product ordering. Furthermore, we included a learning center stocked with learning guides and webinars to best equip you with the knowledge needed to make the most of the platform.

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Looking Back to Move Forward

For far too long, the industry was stuck on utilizing costly and inefficient analog practices like paper catalogs, physical showrooms, countless costly trade shows, and limited ordering availability.

While there will always be a need and time for face-to-face interactions, and perhaps we even appreciate those interactions, even more, the fashion industry was too inundated with these specific  “norms”, to the extent that it would be difficult for brands to proactively work with retailers. With our platform, we hope to solve these inefficiencies for brands who cannot connect in the ways of yesterday, and hopefully mitigate some of these struggles with a digital tool like NuORDER NOW.

 Digitally Transformed, Today

Tradeshows are canceled, reps are unable to travel and most, if not all, have moved to work from home situations. Communicating digitally isn’t just an option, it’s necessary for survival. Uniting retailers and brands together through a collaborative platform doesn’t just make things easier, but allows us to make it through these difficult times now, and help make a better future after the lockdowns have passed.

Paper catalogs and in-person meetings aren’t just a maybe anymore, they are inaccessible and NuORDER NOW exists to help supplement and in some cases, replace, what no longer is possible: conducting business in person.

The Previously Unsung Advantages

NuORDER NOW doesn’t just exist to be a stand-in for what was, but a tool to make things better than ever before. Buyers are fully online, and will now be directly faced with your online presence and brand. There is now an unspoken opportunity to weave together the story of your brand and present it in a way that is exciting and compelling. Retailers may come to you with new budgets and quotas for products, and the ability to create custom line sheets tailored to these needs conveys that you want to work together and create stronger partnerships. This is a mutually beneficial solution that builds relationships now and for when we all come out of this.

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