What Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mean for Your Reps

What Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mean for Your Reps


Now that Black Friday & Cyber Monday have come and gone, sales reps must ensure that their retailers are able to quickly and effectively restock depleted inventory. This year Deloitte’s Retail and Distribution practice expects total holiday sales to exceed $1 trillion, so reps want to be certain your products are in stock and continue to be sold throughout the entire holiday season. Additionally, it’s an excellent time to help clear inventory before your next season.

1. Connect With Your Accounts

Reps should connect with every single one of their accounts. Discuss what they have sold, what they need to refill, and other items to complement. Gather additional information on styles/products (even from competing brands) that are working well.


2. Create a Proposed Fill Order

From the info you gathered by connecting with the account, create and send a custom linesheet of products you can refill quickly. Include complimentary products to help upsell.

With NuORDER you can either send a proposed order ready for sign off or allow them to order from your linesheet suggestions in one click (via the EZ feature).

NuORER’s EZ Order option allows buyers to simply enter quantities on their linesheet and submit their order. By enabling a EZ Order, reps can drive more conversions, sales, and simplify the process for buyers during a busy time.
EZ Order


3. Curated Campaigns

Can’t get some buyers on the phone? NuORDER’s Campaigns feature allows reps to send linesheets to a bulk audience and track who opens, clicks, and orders from them. Capitalize on buyer interest and be efficient by spending time on the phone with those who talk, and use NuORDER to market to those who don’t.

4. Enable Banners and Show Inventory

In NuORDER’s marketplace, enable low inventory or promotional banners (e.g. free shipping or discounts), as well as low inventory counts to increase urgency and drive sales.
Sold Out Banners

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