Podcast: NuORDER CEO and co-founder Heath Wells Speaks with The Safari

If you’re looking for an enlightening trip into the rapidly changing world of retail, brand and consumer landscape, look no further than The Safari podcast by global management firm Traub. This month, NuORDER CEO and co-founder Health Wells joined to discuss the myriad of ways his digital platform NuORDER has radically changed the wholesale experience for brands and retailers alike. Read below for some highlights from the podcast.

The Evolution of Retail

With 500,000 retailers on NuORDER today, the platform offers a functional and attractive interface that modernizes the interaction they have with brands. Some notable features include retailers being able to place wholesale orders at anytime with real time inventory availability, which helps keep stores up to date with the needs of their customers.

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Wholesale and D2C

Wells speaks on the importance of utilizing a strategic combination of retail presence and online accessibility to generate brand awareness and sales. By maximizing channels of availability, brands keep themselves open to a wider variety of customers and shopping preferences.

Less Is More

Another key point mentioned by Wells was helping sales representatives sell more, with less effort. NuORDER’s digitalized presentation of custom curated catalogs, price points, and integration with EPRs, allows sales representatives to seamless display retailer oriented merchandise.

Importance of Trade Shows Today

Wells discusses the importance of the human connection at trade shows, and how the NuORDER platform supplements this experience as an online trade show that is always accessible for retailers and brands.

Nordstrom Partnership  

The podcast also details the history behind NuORDER’s partnership with Nordstrom, and how Nordstrom is using the platform to enhance their buying process with brands.

For more information on wholesale selling, brand building, and B2B platform NuORDER, listen to the full podcast below:  


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