DTC vs. Wholesale? NuORDER talks with Cynthia Rowley, Supergoop!, Frank & Eileen, and Vogue Business

NuORDER's very own Fashion Director Tommy Fazio will be joining Amanda Baldwin (President, Supergoop!), Allie Egan (President, Cynthia Rowley) and Audrey McLoghlin (Founder/CEO, Frank & Eileen / Grayson) for a special guest panel discussing the convergence of direct-to-consumer (DTC) and wholesale business strategies in today's retail environment. Read More

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Is Your Brand Woke?

Today, it is crucial for brands to fully understand what Millenials and Gen Z are talking about - and why - to maintain existing loyalty and attract new customers. Now, more than ever, consumers are buying more from brands that align with their own beliefs and concerns. Read More