5 Remote Sales Strategies To Implement Today

In response to this tumultuous business climate, retailers are scrambling to cancel or curtail previously-placed orders. As your wholesale partners do what they can to mitigate losses and reduce expenses in the age of COVID-19, the best strategies involve meeting retailers where they are. We’re all in this together. It’s time to be agile and it’s more important than ever to maintain communication in a show of support. Use these remote sales strategies to benefit your business and wholesale partners’ bottom lines. Read More

A Breakdown of the CARES Act for Small Businesses: Everything You Need to Know

We are just now entering the earliest phases of understanding the economic impact of COVID-19 on the US economy, and the weeks that lay ahead are filled with uncertainty. In response to these uncertain times, the United States government has implemented the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to help alleviate the severity of the current economic shutdown. In this post, we are joined with NuORDER’s CFO, Adam Schneider as he breaks down what the CARES Act can mean for small businesses and how it can help during these precarious times. Read More

The Latest Installment in the Digital Wholesale Revolution: Introducing NuORDER NOW

NuORDER NOW is our latest complimentary offering to brands looking for a digital solution for their wholesale business. The fashion industry and retail stores are being physically distanced like never before, resulting in significantly modified orders. A push for wholesale digital solutions has been a long time coming, but current events are necessitating this digitization in absolute. Read More

Exclusive Webinar: What It Really Means to Have Sustainable Supply Chain

In our latest webinar “Sustainable Supply Chain - Oxymoron or Path” (available for on-demand stream here), we explore what it really means for a brand to achieve sustainability through their supply chain. We are joined by George Lawrie, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester, Erik Ulin, VP of Retail Partnerships at NuORDER, and Chris Manley, Founder & CEO at Surfside Supply Company as they take a look at the environmentally-minded strategies brands can implement to help shape their own sustainable supply chains from start to finish. Read More

5 (of Many) Benefits of the Digital Wholesale Storefront

If you aren’t running a digital wholesale storefront, you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity to drive sales and improve customer service. According to our first annual report - The State of Retail Buying 2020, nearly 50% of retailers would end their relationships with a brand if the customer service experience was poor. What’s more, disappointing customer service (often attributed to faulty communication, slow response times or difficult salespeople) is one of the most common reasons why a buyer parts ways with a brand. Read More

The 2020 State of Retail Buying Report is Here

If you’ve read any newspaper over the last 10 years, you’ve probably stumbled upon a headline about the impending “retail apocalypse” for brick and mortar stores, and the stunning growth of D2C sales online as the future of consumer buying. However, more traditional retail sales brick and mortar stores have transformed from behind the scenes of the retail industry. Digital tools now exist to aid brands and retailers in making consumer-orientated decisions that are based not only on intuition but data. Read More

Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep: The Forgotten Issue of Sustainability

A recent Vogue article and award-winning documentary and new Toxic Beauty documentary bring up an interesting question. Are brands responsible for chemicals they are using in their products? To delve a bit deeper, it’s important to ask whether or not brands responsible for becoming more transparent and accountable for business practices, and does this play a part in sustainability? Read More

Trend Report with Tommy Fazio: The Weekend Get Away

In this month’s Trend Report with Tommy Fazio, we will be taking a look at brands that embody the idea of "The Weekend Get Away". Inspired by the relaxation of resorts and vacation destinations, these brands complement your travels by being a finishing touch to your experiences, whatever the location may be. They are all about looks that are clean and simple, with a minimalistic styling and thought process that makes them ready to grab and go in a carry-on for your most spontaneous weekend getaways. Read More

Case Study: How Klean Kanteen Went Lean and Green to Optimize Their Wholesale Business

Since 2004, Klean Kanteen has strived to provide high-quality products while maintaining the lowest impact on the environment. When they recognized that the traditional paper wholesale ordering system they were using was costly, out of date, and most definitely not eco-friendly, they sought out a digital solution that could improve these aspects of their business. In this case study, we discuss how their partnership with NuORDER helps them accomplish this goal while also aligning with their core values and helps them establish better relationships with their retailers. Read More