Who’s Winning the Race in Footwear?

Starting up may be easier than ever, but it’s never been more challenging to win at footwear. Globalization, new technology and rapidly-evolving consumer trends have combined, producing a perfect storm of challenges in sourcing, production, operations and sales. There are more losers than ever - including many once-flourishing brands, and the industry’s winners outpace the competition for miles. Despite lower odds for success and increased competition, potential profits and market share continue to motivate new entrants and established players alike. Read More

5 Beauty Trends That “Makeup” Wholesale Today

The beauty wholesale industry is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace, thanks to influences from Asian beauty, product exclusives and newness, the merging of the beauty and wellness spheres- and trends spawned from creative startup and growth stage brands. In fact, even one-time, solely direct-to-consumer brands are entering the world of wholesale beauty. Here’s an in-depth look at beauty’s transformation... Read More