The New Linesheet from NuORDER

New Linesheets from NuORDER

For the past five years, NuORDER has continuously revolutionized the linesheet. We’ve taken it from pen and paper to digital, made it mobile, and brought it offline.

Now, while other B2B platforms still force you to manually create linesheets, NuORDER is making linesheet design even faster and easier. Here are some of the new linesheet creation capabilities we’ve rolled out in NuORDER version 4.0:

Drag & Drop

Now you can now create visually appealing and effective linesheets in minutes by simply dragging items from your product gallery.
Linesheet Drag and Drop

Quickly Add Notes

Once in the linesheet, you can add and view notes on each individual product. Highlight your favorites, provide extra information, and mention complementary items to help with your selling.
Linesheet Notes

Click & Send

Email your custom linesheets to buyers directly from NuORDER. Plus, with EZ Order enabled, your buyers can place orders directly from their inbox.
EZ Order Mobile
With NuORDER’s 4.0 linesheet capabilities, reps can create and distribute linesheets in minutes, not hours, saving time and driving more revenue.
If you would like to learn more about how NuORDER can help your reps save time and drive more revenue, request a demo.