Improve your Post Tradeshow Performance

Improve Your Post Trade Show Performance

Tradeshow season can be hectic, and the follow up after can be even worse. Your buyers have visited your booth, you displayed your products, took notes, and created orders. But, it’s easy to create a mess that causes headaches for days after the show. However, proper organization during the show and even employing a B2B eCommerce platform can easily alleviate many pains during and after the show by making your processes quicker and easier.

During tradeshows, use a premade order form that is uniquely yours. This is will be recognizable to buyers after the show, making them more likely to purchase. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to customize the form specifically to your needs. Create space for the information that is exclusive to your products and leave room to attach images or your business card. Remember to quickly take a picture or make a copy of the form and file it away so you can follow up later. Alway get contact information from your prospective buyers, you should never hand out an order without getting a business card in exchange. At tradeshows, a B2B eCommerce platform can quicken your order taking process, reduce mistakes, and help maintain organization. Utilizing the digital product gallery instead of paper catalogs means your product information is always organized and instantly accessible. No more flipping through pages or searching for items on racks. Adding items to orders directly from the gallery eliminates messy handwriting or lost notes. Simply scroll through the catalog and tap the favorite button or add items to a list. After the meeting, use the platform’s digital linesheet feature to immediately email a potential order to the buyer. Adding a Bluetooth scanner enables your representatives to simply scan an item’s barcode to create an order, connecting the physical and digital world to significantly speed up the process. You can even put the scanner in the buyer’s hands and let them browse your racks and scan as they go. By removing handwritten orders and lost papers, as well as decreasing meeting times, a digital catalog and scanner together can lead to more buyers seen per show and more revenue created. However, your follow up is essential to tradeshow success.

Following up with your current and prospective buyers requires two separate strategies to be most effective. When working with your current buyers, you should focus on the upsell and demonstrate your understanding of their business. By sending your linesheets via email through a B2B platform, you can provide a visual meeting recap of the products you discussed. When sending order proposals, include additional products to their order that work with their current collection. If you know your client’s budget, provide them with a second suggested order that is slightly above their desired quote, and show them why the new items are worth the extra investment.

For new prospects, leverage the information that was easily collected in your B2B platform along with some of your own research about their store. Send them a follow-up message along with the digital linesheet to begin your discussion. Include other products you think would be a good fit in their store, and work on building a partnership with them, demonstrate your knowledge of their store, and how your products fit into their goals. The key to new sales is keeping the momentum moving and managing the discussion. It’s also important to demonstrate why the products will work well for the retailer, and how it will work well as part of their overall collection.

B2B platforms improve your tradeshow and follow-up experience by streamlining your processes and eliminate the extraneous order entry process after shows, providing your reps with more time to talk to customers and create more revenue. To see specifically how NuORDER can revolutionize your tradeshow experience, request a demo.