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How Your B2B Platform Can Drive ROI After Trade Shows

Trade show season can be hectic, and oftentimes the follow-up can be more stressful than the trade show itself. You’ve showcased your collections, met with buyers, took detailed notes, built custom orders and just like that, the day is over and it’s time to take down your booth. You had great meetings, but how can you turn those meetings into numbers? How can you take the conversations you had over the finish line, converting draft orders into actual sales?

Here are three ways your B2B platform can help you increase sales after trade shows:


Immediate Follow-Up

The most effective way to keep a potential client engaged is to continue the conversation. After the day is done and the booths have cleared, spend a few minutes sending follow-up messages to each of the buyers you spoke with to ensure your brand stays top of mind. Use your portal to send a personalized email recapping your conversation, along the notes you took throughout your meeting. Your potential customers’ inboxes are crowded, so be sure you include one or two details from your conversation so your buyer can easily recall your exchange. If you were able to create a draft order with your buyer, include this in your email with a one-click link to order.


Upsell with Personalized Recommendations

Once you’ve sent over the notes and draft order you completed with your buyer, spend some time analyzing the products they chose. Are there any gaps in their order? Did they miss any key products? Use your reporting tool to see how your products performed over the trade show season, and share that insight with your buyers. Identify which accounts are missing out on best sellers, items low in stock and key product trends. Wholesale selling is all about showing you truly understand the customer’s business. Build a personalized linesheet and let retailers know why these products will perform well in their store, and how they work with the current order in place.


Drive Larger Orders with Visual Merchandising

Capture more buying by showing how products work together as a collection vs. individual pieces. Build merchandised assortments to demonstrate how your products can be paired together or mixed and matched to help retailers understand how your collection works. Not only does this give retailers inspiration on how to merchandise their products online and in-store, but it allows you sell deeper into your collections. You can also help your buyers strategically plan their orders by presenting good, better, and best options. Merchandise bundles with pre–sizing and budgets all in one place so buyers can visualize their choices and pick the one that works for them.

Tip: when you present 3 options, buyers naturally gravitate towards the middle option. This is a great tool for upselling buyers to a larger bundle.


Want to learn how else your B2B platform can enhance your post-trade show experience? Speak with one of our sales reps today.