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How to Use Your B2B eCommerce Platform to Increase Wholesale Revenue This Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas lights are glistening, jingle bells are ringing, and people everywhere are shopping for the perfect gifts to give their loved ones.

The holiday season formally began with Black Friday and Cyber Monday in late November, but the few days leading up to Christmas are crucial for getting in any last minute shopping. With sales and promotions around every corner, it can be overwhelming for retailers to choose the right brands to purchase from. Leveraging your B2B portal is a great way to engage retailers and get them shopping your products today.

Here are four ways brands can use your B2B portal to increase wholesale revenue this holiday season:


1. Update Your Content

The holiday season is a perfect time for you to update your B2B portal with new content. Create holiday-themed banners with festive imagery and refresh your messaging to make the shopping experience more enjoyable for retailers. Spend time breaking down your products into holiday-themed linesheets so your retailers can easily browse relevant products and shop specific occasions. Some themes may be: Christmas Eve Party, New Years Celebrations, Cozy Night In or even Holiday in the Sun. The more inspiration you give your retailers, the more they’ll want to purchase from your brand.


2.  Send Personalized Recommendations

A short note goes along way, especially during the holidays. Sending a personalized message to your retailers not only shows you care, but tells them you want to help make this a successful shopping season. Spend some time creating a custom list of items that are relevant to their store to include in your message. Review their order history to see what kinds of items they purchased last holiday season, or over the past few months, and build a recommended order for them. The shopping season can be stressful , every bit of help makes a difference.


3. Use Trends and Reporting

Leverage data from your platform to identify trends and best sellers for each product type in your collection. Retailers are always interested in learning about product performance so they can ensure they stock their shelves with the best selling items of the season. Use your reporting tool to seek out you hottest selling items and popular trends, and then share that insight with your retailers by sending them a custom EZ Order with the items you think would work well in their store. EZ Orders make it easy for retailers to purchase from you without having to log-in to their account.


4. Offer Specials and Discounts

What are three words that make every buyer’s ears perk up? “It’s on sale.” Your B2B portal is a perfect place to showcase any specials or discounts you are currently offering. Use product banners to highlight which items are on sale, which items are low on inventory, and which items are selling out fast. Promotions create excitement and urgency around merchandise, and can drive buyers right to your product page. ‘Tis the season of sales and limited-time offers, so help yours stand out by using creative language and beautiful product images.


To learn more about how NuORDER can help you engage your buyers this holiday season, request a demo or reach out to your account manager today.