Trade Show Life Part 1: How to Book Appointments for Your Trade Show Booth

How to Book Appointments for Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows can seem daunting to brands across the board. Whether you’re new to the game or have been around a while, it’s not uncommon that prepping for your trade show booth can seem like an overwhelming task.

While some shows are seen as necessary to attend for marketing purposes, the point of most shows is to write orders. To maximize orders written, you need to have your calendar stacked with buyer appointments for your trade show booth before show time.

Sure, you say, going into a trade show with a calendar full of buyer appointments sounds great. But how, you ask, does one achieve such a feat?

Three words: wholesale eCommerce solution.

Being up to date with current technology helps you grow your business as well as making your trade show prep (i.e. booking trade show booth appointments) easier.

Read on and see how easy it is in just four steps.

Step 1: Customize it

By using a wholesale eCommerce solution as your catalog / line-sheet tool, spending excessive money on printing is no longer necessary. Even more, you can control what items your buyer sees by using your platform to create and send buyers customized digital line sheets.

Imagine you’re a buyer and you receive a bulky catalog filled with products that are not relevant. Do you take the time to flip through the pages to find products that actually apply to your store’s clientele? Or do you plop it under the counter, annoyed that trees gave their lives for such inefficiency?

Sending paper catalogs? They’re probably in a stack like this, being ignored…

Sending paper catalogs? They’re probably in a stack like this, being ignored…

Now imagine you’re that same buyer. This time, you’re checking your emails and see one sent to you with a clear and professional line sheet with products tailored to your store’s demographic that includes notes on each product detailing why it’s relevant to your store. The email is personalized to you with a nice message letting you know that the products included are part of the new line that will be shown at the upcoming trade show. The sender also lets you know that you can schedule a trade show booth visit by clicking on the Google calendar link in the body of the email (more on that later).

Step 2: Track it

Before you choose a wholesale eCommerce solution, ensure it allows you to see when an email sent through it has been opened. You’ll know when a specific buyer has received and looked at the content you sent. This vital information will allow you to strategically take your next step.

This can be a call, an email or – heck – a smoke signal.


Step 3: Follow it

Sending custom digital product sheets becomes a far more powerful tool when coupled with proper follow-up. This can be a call, an email or – heck – a smoke signal. A custom catalog is only as useful as you make it, so maximize its potential by communicating with those who receive them from you.

Step 4: Publicize it

Make your Google calendar public and send your buyers the link. This way, they can schedule their own trade show booth appointments based on your openings and the back-and-forth of scheduling is eliminated.

What’s next

In Part 2 of Trade Show Life: It’s show time!

We’ll provide you with tips on how to maximize on your booked buyer appointments and precious trade-show floor time.