Going Digital With A Virtual Showroom: An Immersive Wholesale Buying Experience

In the face of unforeseen changes and challenges, the fashion industry has drastically changed from in-person attendance at trade shows and showrooms to primarily, if not exclusively, online meetings. There are important elements of these interactions that drive business for brands and retailers, who rely on showrooms and market meetings to complete wholesale orders. The importance of showrooms and market meetings within the industry isn’t going away, but how and where they take place is evolving. With our new Virtual Showroom tool, we’ve adapted the aspects that mattered most into a digital format, accessible from wherever you might be doing business today.

Here are a few of the features driving this immersive wholesale shopping experience:

Interactive virtual showroom with shoppable hotspots

Build your own interactive showroom with images that illustrate how merchandise would look on the floor, and make buying easy with additional clickable hotspots that take buyers straight to your product.

360 degree product imagery

Providing high quality and immersive product images is an important piece to building a meaningful and practical B2B wholesale buying experience online. A 360-degree view gives buyers an elevated understanding of how your merchandise would look and feel in person with visibility from all angles, and zoomed-in up close and personal views.

Global photography network

To drive 360 degree product imagery, both brand and retailer partners will have access to NuORDER’s global photography network, enabling a digital evolution of in-person market meetings and trade shows to the fullest extent.

Immersive brand experience

Featuring a drag and drop page builder, Virtual Showrooms make building your brand page with content that tells your story easier and more compelling. Examples include putting your latest collection readily on display, visually guiding customers through digital linesheets, collection notes, designer interviews, or information that details inspiration.

Shoppable videos 

Giving buyers as much information as possible about your merchandise is incredibly important in this new age of virtual meetings. Utilizing video is one way to further deepen your buyer’s understanding of your product. Our dynamic video functionality allows products to be time-stamped and linked through in-video hotspots. Shoppable videos add dimension to your product that conveys the fit and movement of your pieces.


No one knows exactly what the future will look like when we come out of all this. But one thing is for sure, brands and retailers can and will continue to find new ways to work together through innovative and collaborative digital platforms. We made Virtual Showroom to give you everything you’d want in a face-to-face meeting or trade show, online, in a refined platform that helps wholesale business thrive for both brands and retailers alike.

To see it for yourself, head over to NuORDER and try a demo today at this link.