Every Sale Begins with a Compelling Story

Storytelling is the Key to Commerce

We all know that commerce is not just transactional, it is also experiential.  The most successful brands understand that to engage and convert customers, they not only must have differentiated products, but they must also tell exciting and compelling stories.  These stories help communicate the brand promise and foster strong emotional bonds between buyer and brand.  This paradigm is not limited to consumer channels.  It is equally, if not more, important in B2B, where retailers are increasingly focused on partnering with a limited portfolio of highly curated brands.  Storytelling is becoming a central part of the wholesale sales process, both for selling to new retail buyers as well as for strengthening and deepening the relationship brands with their existing retail buyers.

Introducing Brand Portal Homepages

That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of Brand Portal Homepages in NuORDER, which enable brands to surround their products with compelling brand stories. Rather than diving directly into list of products, retail buyers will now first land on a homepage that will orient them and steer them down the most relevant path.



Fully Customizable, without a Web Developer

Brand Portal Homepages are fully customizable, based on the story brands wish to tell.   They can include images and banners, videos, feeds from Instagram and other social networks, and links to linesheets and digital catalogs. They are also easily editable, making it easy to customize them to a brand’s specific needs, without the need of a web developer.

Here are just a few examples of the many ways brands can leverage homepages:

  • List all catalogs / linesheets, feature special catalogs
  • Run promotions
  • Promote upcoming events
  • Showcase season ad campaign creative and videos

The possibilities are really only limited by your story.  To learn more about Brand Portal Homepages, you can watch this short video.


To learn more about how NuORDER can help you tell your brand story and for a demo of our platform, click here.