eBook: How to drive more business from existing accounts

All too often brands miss upsell opportunities and fail to maximize revenue from existing customers.

While most sales teams focus heavily on finding new customers as the primary way of achieving their revenue goal, upselling current customers can be just as valuable or even more valuable as a revenue stream for a brand. In fact, did you know businesses have a 60-70% chance of upselling to an existing client, compared to a 5-20% of selling to a new prospect?

In this eBook, we explain what upselling is, why it’s critical to your business, and how to incorporate it into your sales strategy today.

Key learnings from this guide include:

  • What makes a winning upsell plan, and different ways your business can benefit
  • Tips on how to generate revenue without marketing or customer acquisition costs
  • Five strategies to implement today, including ways to use your B2B platform to sell deeper

To discover how upselling can benefit your business, download our free guide today.