An Overview of the Top B2B Commerce Suite Providers

B2B commerce suites have come onto the market to bring digital transformation and standardization to the wholesale industry. However, brands and retailers typically focused on digitizing the consumer experience have rarely examined how manufacturing, selling, and buying can be optimized through digital solutions. The influx of B2B commerce suites does not make the task of onboarding a new solution any easier, which is why Forrester has created a comprehensive guide to finding the right solution for your organization. 

Forrester defines a B2B commerce solution as:

A suite of integrated applications or microservices designed to digitize the buying and selling of products and services with a focus on the ability to manage the data, presentation, and processing of products, orders, and the experience of buyers throughout the discovery, purchase, and fulfillment phases. 

In this report, analyst Joe Cicman covers why an organization should begin to assess their digital maturity. More specifically, businesses should be looking at ways in which manual and cumbersome processes can be mitigated to the right tools saving time, money, and energy. The wholesale standard has been historically hesitant to change, which has become increasingly problematic as eCommerce has completely upended the industry. 

Cicman argues that the architecture of digitization should happen from the ground up, and that many organizations, whether they consider themselves digitally mature or not, can make small shifts to help them compete in an evolving industry by choosing and using the right B2B commerce tool. 

The process of selecting the right solution is one that should be personalized to the business and its goals. Some important factors that should be taken into consideration include:

  • Pricing
  • API Integrations
  • Customer Service 
  • Industry Expertise
  • Flexible technology

If you are a brand or retailer who is just starting to delve into the world of B2B commerce solutions or if you are looking to take yours to the next level, this is a piece that you will be sure to want to download at the link below:

Download the Full Report

We are pleased to see that NuORDER has been featured as one of Forrester’s Top B2B Commerce Suite Providers. The NuORDER solution is a two-sided platform meant to make the buying and selling a more seamless, automated, and data-backed process.