7 Must Have Apps for On the Go Sales Reps

7 Must Have Apps for On the Go Sales Reps

While it may be true that salespeople are born, not made, there are tools that can build on their natural charm and nerves of steel with an overlay of organization and information management.

You’re juggling crucial bits and pieces of information, not only about your own company’s products but also about your customers, their schedules and even your own (super busy) calendar.

Never fear, friends and fellow warriors. We’ve compiled a list of seven awesome apps that you can’t live without. We should know—this list came directly out of our own crackerjack sales team. So go ahead and click, download and see the results.

Charlie: Charlie App gives you the ability to make a killer first impression on the people you are about to meet by compiling one-pagers with everything you need to engage in relevant conversation. Compiled one hour before a meeting in your calendar, you’re equipped with info such as breaking news about their company and hobbies you have in common.

DocSend : DocSend allows you complete control, access and visibility on all of the documents you send. This app ensures you know what happens after you hit send. Instead of forgetting about content after it’s reached its final destination, DocSend ensures you’re gaining valuable information, such as who’s viewing and forwarding your docs and how your content is being viewed.

Salesloft: Salesloft gives you the ability to build your own sales process. This app changes the game of the cadence. Not only does it overcome some of the challenges sales teams face, but also helps keep prospective clients organized and in check. If you’re interested in increasing deal volume and the value of your pipeline, then this tool is at the top of the list.

NuORDER: We had to say it! NuORDER is your ultimate wholesale solution. Not only will it boost your sales up to 17.6%, but it will also give your sales reps the ability to create linesheets five times faster, decrease order errors and successfully management their inventory. Bring your stress level down a notch with this easy two-way ordering system, and give your team full visibility on the performance of your business.

Expensify: Expensify is exactly what it sounds like: a simplified expense-reporting tool to make employees lives that much easier. This app gives businesses the ability to take control of their expenses and do it without all of the hard work.

SeatGuru: SeatGuru is an excellent tool for those who travel for work. It allows you to find airline seat maps, shop for flights and access all flight information. Not only can you read seat advice, user comments and see photos, but SeatGuru also has a “comfort rating” for flight shopping. Pretty sweet.

TripIt: TripIt gives those nonstop travel bugs peace of mind. With multiple flights, hotel accommodations and rental car confirmations, TripIt keeps it all in one place and accessible — even when you’re offline. Who wouldn’t want a master itinerary in the palm of their hand?

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