3 Best Practices of High-Performing B2B Sales Reps

3 Best Practices of High-Performing B2B Sales Reps


A recent Forrester study shows that B2B buyers’ expectations have evolved dramatically, and expectations for work-related purchases are driven by consumer experiences, proving once and for all that the days of making an easy sale over a couple of steak dinners are over.

B2B sales in the 21st Century are powered by data and emerging platforms, and reps who engage in these three best practices are much more likely to convert prospects to customers than those who refuse to join the digital age.


Trust the Numbers, Not Your Gut!


Keeping track of data and metrics isn’t just for management. Great sales reps know and understand how to put data-driven best practices into place. Companies that put data at the center of their sales processes and decisions improve their ROI as much as 20 percent.

In fact, according to a study from CSO Insights, 42 percent of B2B sales reps feel they don’t have adequate information before making a call. In the B2B world, prospective buyers need to make the case to the rest of their team or a purchasing manager before signing on the dotted line. Data insights can help generate this kind of crucial information.

Tip: With your B2B eCommerce platform’s one-click reporting tool, your sales reps have instant access to live data, such as Top 20 Best Sellers, Who Didn’t Buy Top 20 Best Sellers, Forecast Reports, Total Bookings by Style and Account, etc.

Management needs to share data across all teams to enable sales. Improving B2B lead-to-revenue management processes creates a system in which marketing and sales come together to integrate process, goals and metrics, according to Forrester. Lack of transparency puts everyone’s success in jeopardy.


Personalization is Key


Going in to an on-site sales meeting without the right product and info, visual presentation or brand content is an open invitation to failure.

In other words, it’s personal. Point the prospect to a custom catalog experience where they can continue to engage with product information, merchandise assortments, experience brand content, press, video and more. One-to-one B2B customer engagement is more necessary than ever before in today’s noisy, crowded digital marketplace.

In fact, 60 percent of B2B companies are looking for an eCommerce platform—and that includes sales enablement—that aids in personalization.


On-Demand Content Keeps the Conversation Going


In-person sales calls may still be the lifeblood of any sales force, but today every customer is a mobile customer.

According to Forrester, more than half of B2B companies report that customers are using smartphones or tablets to research and purchase products. Giving your reps access to a variety of assets that can be sent and viewed on mobile platforms keeps the conversation going—anywhere, any time. Consider this: 36 percent of all email is opened on a mobile device.

Tip: With a B2B eCommerce platform, reps can send buyers entire or custom catalogs that can be viewed on a mobile device. NuORDER has an offline iPad app, which sales reps can use on the road and at tradeshows.

For more on tradeshows, see Conquering Chaos: Maximizing Your Tradeshow Experience Guide Now

If you’re still skeptical about the power of good content, consider that 90% of consumers find custom content useful, according to McMurry/TMG.


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