B2B Technology: Oh the Humanity!

We humans fear change. And there aren’t too many trends striking fear into our hearts
as technology. Perhaps we watch too many cyborgs-take-over-the-world flicks?

There’s an irony here: What scares us most about technology is the non-humanity of it. But, the time saved by the streamlining effect technology has on the wholesale process allows us to spend time building quality relationships with those we would otherwise not have time to engage.

B2B Tech love #1:

human touch

Reps spend too much time
on the phone taking orders when those
orders could be completed quickly
and easily online

Use this freed time to build better
personal relationships with your buyers

B2B Tech love #2:


Use data to target your sales approach:
suggest products to stores in the same
geographic area where you see other
stores selling those products well

Use this opportunity to get on the phone
to tell a buyer about your suggestions
— here is where you can build trust by
looking out for their interests

B2B Tech love #3:

it trumps legacy

Many sales organizations are swiftly
adopting an online B2B sales model and
buyers expect you to have it

People doing the buying for
retailers are heavily influenced by their
B2C experiences — even well-known
brands will fall aside without it

So there you have it: more tech, more humanity.
Oh yeah, and more revenue!