Top 3 Ways to Maximize Your Direct B2B Customer Relationships

Are you giving your direct customers the time they deserve?

If you’re like most B2Bs, the answer is probably “No.”

Sure, a lot of your business may come through distributors or large stores, but maintaining good working relationships with smaller businesses is vital. Maximizing those relationships can be beneficial to your brand image and to your bottom line.

You can increase the quality of these relationships by implementing a few simple tips:

Spend your time wisely

Actually, let’s rephrase that: spend your time more wisely.

Breaking the chains of manual order entry and inventory updates can save vast amounts of time. Not only does employing a digital B2B ecommerce platform help eliminate errors, it also frees blocks of time that can be diverted to engaging with your customers.

Use this newly freed time to:

  • Email a customer a specialized digital catalogue
  • Send out a personalized note telling them how much you appreciate their business
  • Hit the road and put in some valuable face-to-face time

Now that’s using your time more wisely.

NuORDER Pro Tip: Review your customer’s buying habits and compare those to a similar type of store.
Offer product recommendations based on what those stores are selling well.

It’s a win-win: your customer wiII buy deeper in to your product base and their customers wilI enjoy the increased variety. Accomplish this by using NuORDER’s reporting and EZ Order capabilities.

Make it easy, and they will buy

If reordering is monotonous or difficult, your customers are less Iikely to place reorders in a timely manner. They may even purchase from a more user-friendly competitor. Streamline the process and be amazed by the results.

NuORDER Pro Tip: Eliminate lag time and missed opportunities by allowing your buyers to place reorders anytime, anywhere by using an online B2B wholesale solution like NuORDER.

If your customer has a big weekend and sells out of a product, they can reorder it immediately and you’ll be greeted with an order on Monday morning.

What better way to start off your workweek?

Target your materials or miss the mark

Don’t waste your customers’ time by sending catalogues filled with products they will never buy. They expect to receive materials relevant to their situation.

Be respectful of your customers’ time by eliminating clutter and focusing in on their market.

You can do this by:

  • Tracking customers’ buying habits so you know what is relevant to them
  • Designing and sending specialized catalogues and order sheets
  • Sending individualized deals or new product offers

NuORDER Pro Tip: Use NuORDER’s recommendations or EZ Order capability to send specialized catalogues to specific customers. Use the reporting functionality to better understand your buyers, so you can better engage them.